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part finishingDiversitech works with multiple vendors who finish parts to your specifications.  Available finishes range from passivation to black oxide to Teflon impregnated anodize in custom colors.  We carefully select each of our vendors who offer different areas of expertise and economy.  All of our vendors offer RoHS compliant finishes to meet the needs of customers selling internationally. 

extrusionWhen part profile and order quantity warrant Diversitech will design custom extrusions to be supplied as a stock material.  Previous custom extrusions have been aluminum, brass or titanium bar stock that is made to a profile that will minimize machine time.  Custom extrusions can yield considerable cost savings with no sacrifice in material properties or part quality.

paintingDiversitech makes use of multiple painting subcontractors who provide powder coating or wet paint finishing.   In addition to providing excellent finishes these vendors can do precision masking and silk screening to make your parts look and function exactly the way you want them.

sheet metalWe have outstanding sheet metal vendors who can supply sheet metal parts and enclosures to your specifications.  Our sheet metal resources allow us to take full responsibility for your assemblies and kits that have sheet metal components. These parts can be finished to your specifications as well.

heat treatDiversitech has heat treating vendors to anneal, stress relieve or harden materials to your requirements.  We also can perform machining after heat treating to make sure your critical dimensions are not affected by material changes during heat treating cycle.

weldingOur vendor network also includes the capabilities to weld medium and/or complicated assemblies out of a large variety of materials.  We collaborate with these vendors to make sure the parts are made and fixtured the best way to eliminate welding issues.


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