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Diversitech was established in 1967 in Pompton Lakes, NJ doing business as K&E Components.  K&E had a reputation as a shop that would take on special projects and those that required expertise across multiple areas of manufacturing.  K&E was also an early adopter of CNC machining and CAM software.  Early customers included commercial, engine components and aerospace applications.  As time went on the customer base was expanded to include medical companies and scientific instrument manufacturers.  Our service has always been our best asset.  From the beginning K&E was often consulted during the design phase of new projects to provide design advice for manufacturing to keep costs low.

In 1999 Diversitech relocated to a 27,500 square foot facility in Riverdale, NJ.  As part of the move into the new facility the name Diversitech was given more emphasis to reflect the broad range of capabilities the company had developed over the years.  Diversitech now has 25 employees all dedicated to providing quality and cost effective products and services to our customers. 

Diversitech’s focus on embracing new technology has also been maintained including investments in horizontal milling machines, Mill / Turn lathes and fully automated CMMs to keep our costs low and quality high.

Throughout our history Diversitech has and will continue to take a proactive role in working with customers to help design their parts for manufacturing.  We routinely provide engineering and design input to improve part function and/or quality all while lowering manufacturing costs.  Our goal is to build relationships with clients to best understand their needs and add value to their products.

Diversitech continues to offer a full range of manufacturing and assembly services for small and medium quantity production runs.  We specialize in precision machining of all materials including aluminum, stainless steel, super alloys, carbon steel and plastics.  Sub-assembly and complete unit assembly can be done in-house utilizing internally produced, subcontracted and buy out items in prototype and production quantities. Diversitech can also provide sheet metal services to supply components, enclosures and assemblies.


2020-03-22 for Diversitech Employees - Link to article How do Executive Orders No. 107 and 108 on closures and social distancing affect my business?  NJ EO 107 & 108 Affect

Under Exemptions heading second paragraph from the bottom:  "Manufacturing, industrial, logistics, ports, heavy construction, shipping, food production, food delivery, and other commercial operations may continue to operate, but they should also limit staff on site to the minimal number needed for essential operations."




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